Flight Authorisations & Operator Certificate

Digisky supports you in identifying which means of compliance is the most suitable for your drone operation in the specific category. After that, we accompany you along the authorisation process. From STS to LUC, via PDRA or SORA, we aim to enable you to maximise the value of your drone operation at the lowest possible complexity.


Discover our 360° offer to fly under an STS-declaration or a PDRA-authorisation, including all related documentation and mandatory pilot training.


Whether generic or location dependent, our team has obtained already more than 10 authorised SORAs across Europe in English, German and French.

Thanks to pre-established manuals and processes that we tailor to each individual request, we enable clients to start operations quickly under SORA approval.

After the initial acceptance of your SORA, Digisky can further support you in managing changes to regulations or your business case easily and efficiently to remain compliant over the years and minimize your administrative workload.


Once a SORA is established, an operator can become certified with privileges in terms of operational flexibility allowing more profitability of the business.

The LUC is the most holistic operating certificate currently available under EASA rules. A LUC holder successfully demonstrated that their organization is capable of identifying, managing and mitigating risks, without the need of authorities supervising this process on a case-by-case level.

We support you in the development of the required quality management system, all associated documentation, the implementation of processes, the training of your staff and your certification by the authorities as an operator!


While you increase the complexity of your operations, we will support you in the daily business of a proven operator. Our team of experts will provide you with the additional skills you need:

  • Compliance Monitoring Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Any Nominated Person
  • Certified Pilots

We can manage compliance for your program in any domain but also train your managers and nominated person for their specific tasks.


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