Drone regulations are constantly changing and sometimes still unclear. We help you to understand the latest changes and to remain compliant with European or Swiss laws.


We get to know your drone system better and together we define the desired strategy.

Technical analysis and verification of prerequisites

Before fully embarking on the development of a SORA, it is important to check whether the UAS meets the minimum requirements for the specific category and the SORA.

SORA compliance matrix and ConOps

Our working tools have proven to be very time-saving in the development of the SORA.

Related Documentation

Operation Manual, ERP, Logbook, Maintenance Manual, ...
The documents needed to create a SORA are as numerous as they are necessary. We provide you with suitable examples and accompany you through the SORA compliance checklist.

Authorisation process

We use formats and standards that are well known to the authorities, which considerably reduces the authorisation time. We support you in discussions with the competent authority.


Here are some frequently asked questions on our mailbox:

We make applications abroad to authorities that recognise Switzerland as a "third country". You will then receive an identification number linked to the country in which you made the first application. We have close contacts with these authorities and can accompany you in this process.

Of course. The steps suggested above are those followed when we start a project from scratch. We will be happy to help you with your process.

Yes, EASA's standard scenarios and predefined risk analyses are nothing more than pre-worked SORA processes. We are ready to support you in these applications.


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