Compliance Management

Compliance Management

The new European laws 2019/945 and 2019/947 aim to standardise the manufacture and use of drones in Europe. For the operator, it is now extremely fast to fly in a specific category that requires a high degree of professionalism. We help you to meet these requirements and keep them compliant with the new EASA guidelines (AMC). We can write and implement, analyse or simply ensure your compliance with the documents below.

Operational Compliance

Operation Manual

The OM is the heart of your operation; it describes how the employee should perform the tasks.

Safety Management System

The SMS proves the competency of the company in managing risk and safety for their operations.

Training Manual

The training needs to be specific and adapted for each roles to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Emergency Response Plan

The ERP aims to avoid escalation during an emergency situation at the company level.

Technical Compliance


The FM is the ultimate guide for a safe and efficient use of the Unmanned Aircraft System.

Maintenance Manual

The MM, generally furnished by the manufacturer, explains how to perform maintenance on the UAS.


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