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Enabling safe and compliant UAS operations

Enabling safe and compliant UAS operations

Digisky supports customers accross Europe in managing all aspects concerning the safety and compliance of drones operation. This includes flight authorisations, training, operator certificates and much more.

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Focus on your operations, we take over all time-consuming tasks for you

Thanks to our digitalised solutions and a team of experienced experts, we will never let the complexity of the regulations get the better of  your drone program.

Flight Authorisations & Operator Certificate

Get the most suitable authorization for your drone operations.

Compliance & Safety Management

Develop, implement and monitor all required manuals.

Pilots Training & Specific Courses

Train your staff and get clearance recognised by your authority


Services for drone operators and manufacturers

Digisky is a swiss-based company offering a full range of services for drone operators and manufacturers throughout Europe.

With many years of experience in the operational and regulatory environment, we develop tailored solutions, combining our expertise with a simple and digital working environment.

Partnering with digisky means focusing on your success while ensuring a stable and efficient drone program in a fast-paced market.

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